Parastar's Profile

Parastar has revolutionized the traditional medical transportation business model currently employed at most health care systems by transforming costs into revenues. We integrate an extensive working knowledge of EMT services with communications technology to provide innovative management solutions for patient transport, inter-hospital and lab delivery and emergency transport.

Our unique approach to this aspect of health system management over the past 20 plus years has typically flipped a $1-2 million cost center for clients into a $1-4 million profit center. In addition, the process controls and metrics employed by Parastar’s processes enable better management of overall patient quality outcomes, which leads to market share expansion.

Parastar provides private and public heath care systems with economies of scale and multi-source income streams in a business model that has been proven in partnership with clients throughout the U.S. and internationally.

See how we can help your brand, your bottom line and most of all your patient experiences with Parastar’s Management Services, EMS Consulting or Billing Services.

Here are a few key facts about Parastar:

  • Parastar is headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • Parastar employs over 2,000 nationwide with a fleet of more than 500 emergency vehicles
  • Parastar operates joint ventures with health systems in 6 states and has consulted 8 different countries
  • Parastar Inc. was established in 1988, and is a corporate division of the Botsford Health Care Continuum. 

  • Parastar evolved as a means to provide EMS, Fire Departments and Healthcare systems nationwide with options to manage all logistical solutions within their delivery systems.

  • Parastar’s primary goal has been to assist EMS, Fire Departments and Healthcare systems with system design while implementing cost-effective, quality-driven transportation systems to meet their unique needs. 

  • Parastar was founded with a commitment to continuous quality improvement, and strives to maintain a competitive edge through continuing education.