Parastar delivers creative logistical solutions, and refinements to existing operations.

Parastar has engaged in consulting projects with healthcare facilities, EMS services and fire departments nationally and globally, and we are prepared to assist you in the ever-changing healthcare environment. Utilizing the vast experience of our consultants, we make certain that you achieve and maintain the highest possible level of efficiency.

  • Consulting Solutions »

    Consulting Solutions

    We provide consulting solutions in an array of areas: operational, financial, informational / logistical, emergency management and risk assesment, to name a few.

  • Consulting Team »

    Consulting Team

    Our team is among the broadest and deepest panels of medical logistics experts in the country. With skills and experience to address the full range of challenges facing EMS and healthcare.

  • Strategic Planning »

    Strategic Planning

    In addition to our role as consultants, we can play a role in your organization’s strategic planning to make sure you stay ahead of industry trends.

CEMS ... Revolutionizing EMS Services

Community EMS

Parastar’s parent company, CEMS, was the first EMS company in the world to use a new technology in its ambulances: LCD flat screens, that interface via Bluetooth to report and transmit vital signs ahead to the hospital, including heart rate, respiration, EKG and more.

The Parastar Difference »

Parastar can help your bottom line, your brand and most importantly, the overall experience that patients have with your health system’s EMS services.