Improving Cost Efficiencies and Productivity, While Serving the Community

Improving Cost Efficiencies and Productivity, While Serving the Community

The Problem

The continuing goal of large municipal fire departments is to provide protection of life, property and the environment from the effects of fire, medical emergencies and other natural disasters. While these local agencies strive to achieve this mission, it has become necessary for local government to establish innovative partnerships in an effort to increase service delivery and reduce overall costs.

The Approach

As a highly regarded resource to their community, a Michigan fire department began looking for financial and logistical solutions to operate and serve their city with the highest quality of fire rescue service, while finding new ways to become more efficient.

Parastar was retained to assess the department’s current billing process and to develop a program to meet their specific billing and compliance needs. Utilizing the experience of Parastar’s consultants and their state-of-the-art billing technology, the fire department was able to save time and money.

As a busy 24/7 fire response team, the department was looking to streamline and gain on their billing process while staying compliant with specific health care regulations. Parastar assisted the department in implementing rules and standards, enabling the emergency service provider to adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards. Parastar also helped to keep the department in compliance with the many state and federal regulations, while initiating practical standards to ensure appropriate reimbursements and prevent violations. The major advantage Parastar provided with regard to EMS billing and Compliance, was its billing relationships with all major insurance providers, Medicare, Medicaid and major healthcare systems. Parastar’s technology utilized the Zoll Data System’s RescueNet Billing Suite, Electronic patient care reporting (ePCR), Electronic storage of billing records and sophisticated compliance and auditing tools.

The Result

Today, the department has secured a long-term billing agreement with Parastar. Their fire and emergency team are now able to focus on providing exceptional service to their community, without distracting management energy and resources to deal with billing issues. They now enjoy measurably larger billing returns through the expertise and efficiency systems implemented with their billing and client service team partners from Parastar.