When Every Second Counts, Trust the Parastar Difference


Parastar provides state-of-the-art dispatch services to a variety of health care systems and municipal fire departments, large and small. Each benefits from our cutting edge technology, the scale of our operations, the depth of our medical transportation expertise and the experience of our certified personnel. Each depends on us to quickly and efficiently manage a variety of resources to seamlessly meet every dispatch and patient need.

Only Parastar is uniquely equipped to quickly and effectively respond. Here’s why:

  • Dispatching 24/7/365 by a staff of highly trained personnel
  • 911 call screening by advanced, certified (NAED) emergency medical dispatchers
  • 24-hour access to ordering and processing emergent and non-emergent transportation requests
  • A cutting edge computer-aided dispatch system that captures all ambulance service requests
  • A customizable reporting software suite (RescueNet Reporting) for continuous quality improvement
  • A telephone system equipped with the latest software and ALI/ANI capabilities
  • Wireless phase-2 compliance for all in-system 911 calls
  • Robust radio system with VHF and redundant broadcasting capability from two locations
  • Crew-to-crew communication via UHF portables
  • UHF capabilities to contact county medical control authorities
  • Operation on an 800Mhz system with access to talk groups

What’s more, Parastar has developed, to standards set by the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch, its own call center quality assurance program. Our process includes the careful review of all emergency and inter-facility calls and continuous-improvement feedback throughout the organization. As a result of these efforts, the NAED awarded an Accredited Center of Excellence status to the Michigan Parastar Communications Center making Parastar one of only two such centers in the state of Michigan and among fewer than 20 firms nationally holding both CAAS and Center of Excellence designations.

As a result, Parastar has successfully partnered with health care providers across the nation to improve public emergency care and maximize the efficiency of 911 systems. That’s the Parastar difference.