Delivering the Difference in Medical Logistics

Medical Logistics

“Medical Logistics” is a generic term for inter- and intra-facility transport – from inter-departmental mail, pharmaceuticals and laboratory specimens, to patient pick-up and delivery in wheelchair vans when an ambulance is not medically necessary. Many large and prestigious health care systems incur higher than necessary costs for less than optimal service in these areas simply because they focus on higher profile operations.

As often as not, a private physician gives his or her laboratory business to an independent laboratory due to its effective courier service. Gaining control over the logistics of specimen collection, tracking and delivery can help a hospital-based outreach laboratory turn the tables on the independents, and foster closer ties between the hospital and its physician referral base at the same time.

Parastar brings planning expertise, management know-how and cutting edge technological solutions to the medical logistics function in ways that not only provide superior service, but also leverage your brand image, your community relationships, and your customer loyalty. We deliver these advantages by forming a bona fide partnership with your organization.

Let us show you how routine logistics can be converted from a fiscal drag on your operation into a new option for enhancing revenue and customer satisfaction – the Parastar difference!