The leadership that Parastar currently brings to our joint venture ambulance service has established Scott & White EMS as the point of reference on how a pre-hospital services should be run.

C. Keith Stone, MD, FACEP, Professor

Chairman Department of Emergency Medicine

Chairman Scott & White EMS

I have known Greg for nearly 20 years, beginning when I was at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Zanesvile, OH. The two hospitals in town hired Greg and Community EMS in a joint venture to start up an ambulance company after the closure of another provider. I was amazed by how quickly Greg's team completed their market analysis, developed a plan for a new service and developed a detailed financial pro forma. Once given the go-ahead, Community EMS was soon up and operating a new ambulance service for the benefit of the community. Financially and operationally sound from the beginning, this is a thriving service and I'm sure it has served as a model for several other ambulance services. If your hospital system needs an EMS assessment, you owe it to your community to contact Greg Beauchemin!

Chuck Durant, FACHE

Vice President - Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services

Seton Family of Hospitals