Greg  Beauchemin

Greg Beauchemin

President & CEO

Community EMS and Parastar

President and Chief Executive Officer of Community EMS/Parastar, Greg Beauchemin launched Community EMS (Community EMS) and Parastar, Inc. in the 1980s as a not-for-profit EMS organization and a subsidiary respectively, the latter providing EMS related support services including billing, management, and consulting. Under Mr. Beauchemin’s leadership, Community EMS evolved, adopting new technologies and innovative management practices launching Parastar in 1988 as an EMS billing, consulting and management service, extending its medical transportation expertise to other health systems. His unique vision for the future of EMS culminated in Parastar’s signature not-for-profit joint venture model, supported primarily through EMS transports and also by multiple revenue streams from additional service lines like fleet maintenance facilities, EMS education and lab-courier services. Mr. Beauchemin has more than 33 years of experience in emergency health services, disaster management and system design, which he has used to build an organization that has offices in five states, is active in all 48 contiguous states, and is renowned around the world for wireless technology use in EMS services and disaster management. Mr. Beauchemin earned a Masters Degree in Emergency Health Services from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Service from Madonna University. Over the years, Mr. Beauchemin has received numerous honors over the years on the many aspects of his lifetime of achievement in the EMS industry. Most recently, he was a keynote speaker on the role of technology in EMS at the 2009 International EMS Conference in Bejing, China.