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Parastar dispatch tracks ambulances in real time

In a recent internal newsletter, Beaumont Health gave it's large family of healthcare providers a glimpse into the operations and challenges of our busy communication center in Farmington Hills, MI.

Parastar consolidates 250 employees to new Farmington Hills facility

Last month we celebrated the opening of our new Farmington Hills facility, housing our state-of-the-art communications center, financial services, revenue cycle, and administration. This new one-of-a-kind facility receives 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls from Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois, and will act as a central hub for EMS bill processing and customer service. Our new 51,000 square foot facility now houses over 250 employees, marking the largest move in the history of the company.

Mobile health initiative's goal: Cut hospital costs, readmissions

Community EMS, a Southfield-based ambulance and consulting company, has begun pilot testing a mobile health initiative to use paramedics and telemedicine to assess the health of chronic disease patients who develop non-emergency health problems.

The pilot is viewed as a way to reduce costly hospital readmissions and unnecessary visits to emergency departments.

"When a patient is discharged from a hospital to home or long-term care facility and they have a chronic illness, many things can trigger a patient being sent back to the hospital," said Greg Beauchemin, CEO of Community EMS.

Protecting Patient's Information and Cooperating with Law Enforcement

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) went into effect almost ten years ago. Still, it is not uncommon to receive requests from law enforcement for patient’s protected health information (PHI) that you, as a covered entity are unable to provide. However, there are circumstances when disclosing PHI to law enforcement is allowed under HIPAA. As a covered entity, or an organization that must comply with the law, you need to be prepared to respond to these requests.

Sequestration is here, how does it affect your EMS billing?

Sequestration (a Washington DC term used to identify mandatory budget cuts) has now arrived.  This required action is the result of commitments made previously in Washington DC and the inability to reach a compromise.  On March 1, 2013 mandated cuts were ordered on a broad range of federal spending measures.  One area that will be impacted is Medicare and a mandatory 2% reduction in payments to providers at all levels.  This includes those providing EMS services, emergency, non-emergency, fire service based or private service, the impact is the same.

30 Years of Service - A Walk Down Memory Lane

August 2, 2012 will be my 30-year anniversary at Community EMS and because this milestone came upon me much too fast, and frankly unexpectedly, I thought it appropriate that I talk about the journey because it is an important anniversary for the company and me.  In 1982, while I was waiting to get into Emory University graduate school in Atlanta Georgia, an opportunity came my way to start an EMS system for Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills Michigan.  I was asked to consider the job because I was a Paramedic with a degree, or maybe it was because I was a Medic who cared about people and quality each day I put on my uniform and went to work. 

New Patient Transportation Joint Venture Forms

Community EMS announces its partnership with Mercy Health of Ohio. The service, which will operate as Mercy Health Medical Transportation, is equally owned by Mercy Health and Community EMS.  It is scheduled to launch in June of this year with an initial team of 50 employees and a fleet of 10 vehicles, and provide basic, advanced, MICU and wheelchair services.  Mercy Health Emergency Medicine doctor Hamilton Lempert, MD, will provide medical direction oversight for the transportation service that will cover the greater Cincinnati area where Mercy Health services are provided

Community EMS proudly announces it has developed a community partnership with Kettering Health Network of Ohio

Community EMS proudly announces it has developed a community partnership with Kettering Health Network of Ohio. This partnership will allow Community EMS to be the single-source provider of transportation services for the Kettering Network. The partnership officially launched in March of this year and has experienced rapid growth ever since. The service provides basic, advanced, MICU and wheelchair services to Kettering’s network of hospitals.