New Patient Transportation Joint Venture Forms

Southfield, Michigan

May 3, 2012

Community EMS announces its partnership with Mercy Health of Ohio. The service, which will operate as Mercy Health Medical Transportation, is equally owned by Mercy Health and Community EMS.  It is scheduled to launch in June of this year with an initial team of 50 employees and a fleet of 10 vehicles, and provide basic, advanced, MICU and wheelchair services.  Mercy Health Emergency Medicine doctor Hamilton Lempert, MD, will provide medical direction oversight for the transportation service that will cover the greater Cincinnati area where Mercy Health services are provided

Mercy Health is a six hospital system and a preferred provider of healthcare for patients in the communities they serve.   A faith-based system, their passion for quality patient care is evident in joint venture planning and implementation.  Commenting on the partnership, Greg Beauchemin, President/CEO of Community EMS and Parastar said, “Mercy Health shares a vision with Community EMS of preparing for the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare by coordinating care through high value and lower cost in medical logistics.”  The new joint venture will help Mercy better control intra-hospital care and transportation across its continuum.

Parastar Inc., a national ambulance management and consulting firm established in 1988 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Community EMS will manage the new partnership.   Parastar has a broad scope of services including assisting fire departments and healthcare delivery systems with system design, municipal and private EMS billing, emergency management consulting and planning, as well as implementing cost-effective, quality-driven transportation systems to meet each client’s unique needs.

Community EMS is Michigan’s largest not-for-profit ambulance provider and is a corporate division of Botsford Health Care.  They have partnered with hospitals systems nationally in providing ambulance service for nearly 30 years and additional joint-venture partnership announcements are scheduled for 2012..


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