Parastar consolidates 250 employees to new Farmington Hills facility

Farmington Hills, Michigan

July 24, 2014

Last month we celebrated the opening of our new Farmington Hills facility, housing our state-of-the-art communications center, financial services, revenue cycle, and administration. This new one-of-a-kind facility receives 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls from Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois, and will act as a central hub for EMS bill processing and customer service. Our new 51,000 square foot facility now houses over 250 employees, marking it the largest move in the history of the company.

The Parastar Communications Center houses over $850,000 in new software and equipment, with a total of 37 consoles capable of processing calls. In 2013, our ACE accredited Communications Center received over 700,000 calls, and is expected to process over 900,000 calls in 2014. We currently utilize upwards of 20 personnel just to process call volume, with the infrastructure allocated to double our volume in the next few years.

To ensure reliable and uninterruptable emergency services, Parastar has proactively implemented multiple redundant systems to operate in the event of multiple utility failures or natural disasters, including uninterruptible power supplies, multiple independent phone lines, an industrial diesel back-up generator, and special building infrastructure capable of withstanding a tornado.

The new Farmington Hills facility also provides EMS bill processing for multiple private and municipal entities spanning five states. This larger space allows us to improve internal efficacy and customer satisfaction by uniting our Michigan workforce under one roof, which was previously spread across 4 buildings in two cities. Parastar’s billing department collects over $330 Million in EMS revenue for its clients annually.

To inquire about Parastar’s EMS Management, Consulting, or Billing services, please contact Kevin Bersche, Director of Operations at 248-304-6127